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Sustainability isn’t just a trend for us. Instead, it’s the heart and soul of our corporate philosophy. The only way we can be successful financially and in the long term is if we rise to our responsibility toward people and the environment. That’s why ESG criteria play such a key role. They guide us in everything we do – for cities worth living in, a future we can call home and a corporate culture built on values.

Sustainable Real Estate

Climate-Conscious Construction and Management

In every project we develop, we pay close attention to criteria such as energy efficiency, reduction of carbon emissions and conservation of resources, as well as contribution to health and well-being. We also manage an extensive portfolio of properties that already have a place in our urban landscapes. Our criteria inspire and motivate us to focus on optimizing and enhancing these existing assets.

For new projects, we strive for certification from respected institutions such as DGNB, BREEAM or NGBS. Processes such as BIM are also gaining importance. Last but not least, we reduce carbon emissions by using state-of-the-art technologies for heating and cooling, which are backed by a targeted solar energy strategy.

We consider ESG a business opportunity. Ultimately, we want to take a forward-looking approach to ensure our business follows a sustainable long-term trajectory. Trei is part of a family business. Tengelmann looks back on a 155-year history. So, we don’t think short-term but in terms of generations.

Ivonne Mundil

Head of Sustainability & ESG Trei Real Estate


Committed to Sustainability

Sustainability is nothing new to us. As our roots show, it’s a tradition. We’re part of the Tengelmann Group, which has been family-owned for over 155 years. Fairness and a focus on the environment have played a pivotal role in our long-term corporate strategy since our earliest days, inspired by the personal beliefs of the Group’s owners and shareholders. That commitment to protecting the environment has been reflected since the 1980s in the frog-and-turtle campaign logo, which has gained cult status throughout Germany. In 2008, Tengelmann opened its first climate-neutral supermarket in the German city of Mülheim an der Ruhr.


Our Path to More Sustainability

Our ESG strategy outlines clear areas of action for each business area that are derived from our vision of a more sustainable real estate sector. To consistently and systematically advance our strategy, we have set up an ESG team that focuses on both our existing portfolio and our new developments in our three core national markets while acting as a central point of contact for all our business areas.

As the basis for our ESG strategy, we have defined topics and specified areas of action. They match the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and make a contribution to 10 of the 17 global sustainability goals.


ESG Topics & Areas of Action

Bild - Environmental

Bild- Social

Bild - Gobernance

  1. Sustainable project development, management and operation

    Digitalization and data transparency / Energy-positive buildings / Impact of climate on buildings / Sustainable building operation and management / Buildings as stores of materials / Circular construction / Green building certification / Use of prefabricated components and elements / BIM / Sustainable construction guidelines / Mobility concepts

  2. Energy independence and climate positivity

    Digitalization and data transparency / Energy-positive buildings / Impact of climate on buildings / Sustainable building operation and management / Offsets / Mobility concepts

  1. People and culture

    Employee development and loyalty / Inclusion and diversity / Strengthening knowledge transfer and communication / Mobility concepts / Health care, retirement planning and benefits / Tenant satisfaction and communication / Employee surveys / New Work concepts

  2. Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

    Strategic CSR focus

  1. Processes

    Digitalization and data transparency / ESG/CSR guidelines / CSR management structures / Compliance guidelines / Code of conduct / Anchoring sustainable conduct / Inclusive project development

  2. Reporting

    Digitalization and data transparency / Sustainability report / ESG/CSR guidelines

  3. Image

    Memberships in associations / Sustainable trademark / Tenant satisfaction and communication / ESG-related communication / Sustainable lines of business

  4. Portfolio and building management

    Digitalization and data transparency / Sustainable building operation and management / Green and smart leases / Offsets / Inclusive project development


Engaging for Sustainability

Reaching Out Across Industry Borders

Being open to inspiration and input is the key to growth. That’s why we reach out, connect and network to help us think, plan and grow. Through our memberships in the following initiatives, we engage with partners from a wide range of industries.

More About Trei

People, sustainability and real estate are all an inseparable part of our corporate philosophy.